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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
12-fév-2015Teaching Literatures in English: An Empirical Algerian University ExperimentDjafri, Yasmina; Lakhdar Barka, Sidi Mohamed
17-déc-2014Teaching literatures in English: an empirical Algerian University experiment.DJAFRI, Yasmina; LAKHDAR BARKA, Sidi Mohamed
22-jui-2015Teaching thinking skills in EFL classes: the case of second year pupils at Adjel Mahmoud Middle School. BiskraCHENINI, Abdelhak; MERBOUH, Zouaoui
29-jui-2015Terme entre la grammaire Abasrienns et Alkoviin étude comparative en termes d'approche et la signification du termeHADOUARA, Omar; عرابي, أحمد
16-déc-2013Text-Mining dans les Réseaux Sociaux : Analyse des Sentiments sur TwitterMOSTEFAI, Inas; ELBERRICHI, Zakaria
27-jui-2013The algerian languages and education situation: between monolithic system and multilingual contextABED Kheira, ABID Samira
25-mai-2016The assessment of student’s intercultural competence torn between a lack of practical guidlines, teacher’s monolithic beliefs and student’s cyber learning : the case of lmd students of English at the university of mostaganemBOUDJELAL, Mustapha; MELOUK, Mohamed
1-jui-2013The challenges of education and belonging in a multicultural context : a case study of the primary school level within Quebec educational system (Canada.2012- 2013)BOUADJAJ, Sidi Mohammed Farouk; ABID, Samira
13-mar-2016The Effectiveness of the Competency-Based Approach in Enhancing Learners’ Motivation: The Case of Third Year Pupils at El-Kerma Secondary School, OranTAKROUMBALT mohamed, Ameziane; Guerroudj, Noureddine
13-jan-2016The Effect of Culture-based Language Teaching on Improving Learners' Use of English The Case of Second Year Pupils at 1er Novembre Secondary School, DjelfaBARBOURA, SEBKHAOUI; Bouhass Benaissi, Fawzia
2-jui-2013The Endangered Tamahaq Language and the Importance of Language Documentation for its Revival.TERRICHE, Abdallah Amin; ABID, Samira
1-jui-2013The Impact of Computer-Mediated Communication on the Arabic Language: The Case of Algeria.ZAHALI, Fatma; ABID, Samira
3-fév-2016The impact of teacher’s professional self-esteem on students personal and academic developmentBAGHLI, Asmaa; MERBOUH, Zaouaoui
17-sep-2015The k-Nearest Neighbors estimation of the condional mode for functional data.BOUABçA, Wahiba; ATTOUCH, Mohammed Kadi
4-mar-2015The lexical notebook as a means to develop vocabulary in EFL classes : the case of first year benmaissa bachir secondary school, SBA.ARAB, Kheira; BOUHASS BENAISSI, Fawzia
3-déc-2015The magnetic properties in transition metal-doped chalcopyriteBOUHANI, Benziane Hamida; SAHNOUN, Mohammed
29-jui-2015Les théories linguistiques de Noam Chomsky - lecture analitique et critiqueROUGAB, Djamila; بوخاتم, مولاي علي
29-mai-2016The Philosophical View over the Concept of Death in Hemingway's NovelsABDELHAKEM, SLIMANE; KAID BERRAHAL, Fatiha
15-nov-2016The Politics of Identity: De/construction in In/visible Spaces in Toni Morrison’s HomeCHEBLI, Noureddine; BOULENOUAR Mohamed Yamin, Mohamed Yamin
2-jui-2015The postprandial glucose and lipids metabolism state among obese patients with type 2 diabetesDIAF, Mustapha; KHALED, Meghit Boumediene
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