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Titre: The Linguistic Competence Of Third Year Pupils In English Between Success And Failure In The Algerian Secondary School: A Case Study Of Third Year Classes At Mohamed BOUDIAF Secondary School In Sidi Lahcen
Auteur(s): ALI RABAH, Nouria
Encadreur: BOULENOUAR, Mohammed Yamin
Mots-clés: Linguistic achievements
deficiencies performances
Date de publication: 30-mai-2018
Résumé: English is a second language in Algeria and many other countries throughout the world. It is currently the language most often taught as a second or a foreign language. It is believed that English is no longer the exclusive cultural sign of native English speakers, but it is rather a language that is absorbing aspects of cultures worldwide as it continues to grow. In fact, English is so widely spoken throughout the world that it has been referred to as “the global language”, “the lingua- franca” of the modern era. For that and many other reasons it is given a great importance especially in the educational field. The Algerian government is continuously planning to make its status better. Introducing English in the first year of pupils entrance to school prepare the learners in accordance with the specific skills. Through the present work the researcher tried to shed the light on a very crucial issue which exists at the level of the secondary schools . The researcher has been designed on the basis of the learners needs. Improving pupils communicative abilities as well as preparing them to be enrolled in a professional milieu that is more and more influenced by the globalization effect.
Description: Doctorat en sciences
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2382
Collection(s) :Anglais

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