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Titre: The Effects of Internet Assisted Language Learning (IALL) Environment in Developing English Language Skills of ESP Students of Medicine
Auteur(s): ABBAR, Ghalem
Encadreur: MELOUK, Mohamed
Mots-clés: Teaching
English for Specialized Purposes (ESP)
General English
course textbooks
teaching materials
college of medicine
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
English language skills
Date de publication: 26-sep-2018
Résumé: Teaching English as a specialized course is more challenging than teaching General English .The common uses of the course textbooks as teaching materials have lessen students’ motivation to develop their English in order to cope with the learning environment. This study was conducted at the college of medicine, Jazan University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is based on the assumption that integrating technology in ESP classes may help students to develop English language skills. As opposed to the old-fashioned course textbooks which make ESP classrooms reflective of teaching English for no obvious reason, the internet incorporates the development of oral and written communication skills as one of the ESP objectives. It injects an element of vitality into teaching and motivate students as they communicate in a medium that is flexible, multimodal, constantly changing and connected to real life needs.
Description: Doctorat en sciences
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2357
Collection(s) :Anglais

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