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Titre: The Notion of Learner Autonomy in the Algerian EFL Classroom : The Case of 4th year Pupils in Guettaf Mansour Middle School El Bayadh
Auteur(s): KADI, Zohar
Encadreur: BEDJAOUI, Fewzia
Mots-clés: Learner Autonomy
Competency Base Approach
The Learning process
Date de publication: 21-mar-2018
Résumé: Over the two last decades, the concept of learner autonomy has gained an increasing interest in order to create learner-centered classrooms full of independent and responsible learners. Algeria, like other countries, has lunched many reforms in its educational system in the aim of consolidating and fostering the principles of learner autonomy through adopting the Competency-Based Approach which helps a lot in forming an independent citizen able to make his own decisions and responsible for his choices. Thus, the main objective of this study is to investigate to what extent the pupils in middle education are autonomous, to know both of teachers’ and learners’ perceptions and attitudes towards this concept and to discover the main obstacles they face when moving towards an autonomous learning.
Description: Magister
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2231
Collection(s) :Anglais

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