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Titre: African Dream in America 1619-2008 From White Supremacy to Black Presidency
Auteur(s): MOURI, Djilali
Encadreur: BOULENOIR, Mohammed Yamin
Mots-clés: African Americans
White Supremacy
Date de publication: 30-mai-2016
Résumé: The dissertation attempts at shedding light on the issue of African Americans, and how they succeeded to free themselves from slavery and challenge the white supremacy for centuries till the presidential elections of 2008. The latter was considered, by some historians, as the realization of their dream, but is it true that Blacks put an end to racism, or USA still has its racial face against the African American community.
Description: Doctorat en sciences
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/1176
Collection(s) :Anglais

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